Pre-screen your eligibility for the IMPACT-FXS study

Objectives of the pre-screener questionnaire
The IMPACT-FXS study involves boys and men with fragile X syndrome. With the following questions you can check whether you may be eligible to participate in the IMPACT-FXS study. The questionnaire can also be completed by caregivers, who will provide the data of the person with fragile X syndrome. Throughout this questionnaire, both potential study participants and their caregivers or legal guardians are addressed, but all questions should be answered from the perspective of the person with fragile X syndrome.
This questionnaire will take no longer than 10 minutes to complete. Please note that your participation in the questionnaire is voluntary and anonymous. Personal data are only processed if you agree to this in a later step.
What happens after completion of the questionnaire?
If you are eligible for participation in the study based on your responses, you can receive additional information about the study. To receive this information, we will ask if you want to be contacted by the admedicum study information service for more information and guidance on the next steps.
Please note that by completing this online questionnaire and seeming eligible, you are not automatically qualified to participate in the study, you will need to undergo the study screening visit at the study center first.
Who we are
The sponsor of the clinical trial is Healx Limited (Healx, Healx has commissioned admedicum to provide additional information for potential study participants and support study recruitment for the IMPACT-FXS study.

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