In accordance with World Athletics Anti-Doping Book of Rules (paragraph 4.4) application to World Athletics for a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE), is necessary whenever an international level athlete as defined in Article 1.9 of the Anti-Doping Rules, requires the use of a prohibited substance or a prohibited method listed in the WADA Prohibited List. This implies that athletes and their doctors are fully aware of prohibited substances contained in the WADA Prohibited List (reviewed at least once a year) and that they pay both particular attention to the contents of all pharmaceutical products purchased « over the counter » and/or prescribed to them.

This Guidance Note does not form part of World Athletics Anti-Doping Rules and is for guidance only. The contents of this note aim to provide the reader with clarity and guidance on TUE applications and answer any questions they may have. World Athletics Anti-Doping Rules shall always prevail should any differences or ambiguities with this guidance arise.

Do I need a Therapeutic Use Exemption?

1. Determine the level of your competition and your RTP (Registered Testing Pool) status; Only athletes listed on the List of Athletes in World Athletics RTP and/or competing at one or several of World Athletics International Competitions on World Athletics List of International Competitions for 2018 (Rule 35.9) need to apply to World Athletics for TUE;

2. Check all your medication; researching all substances it contains, the route of administration (Methods) and cross-check its Prohibited List status against WADA Prohibited List. Every athlete (whether in a RTP or not) must ensure they are aware of the substances which are prohibited in-Competition only, and those prohibited at all times (in- and out-of-competition).

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